11/19/20 – 19h30 (BRT)

Highlights Congresso Europeu-Mundial AVC 2020

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Certification of stroke centers in Latin America

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Stroke related to PFO: Patient selection and treatment​

- Diagnosis, major trials and considerations in elderely population - the neurologist perspective

- PFO closure - classical indications, technical aspects and special indications - the cardiologist perspective

- Case presentation

- Discussion

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Global Stroke in Latin America campaign's launch
Join the Movement: don't let it be you

- The power of exercise in preventing stroke and stroke​

- Lifestyle change and stroke prevention and if stroke occurs: don't stay home​

- The importance of Patient Associations​

- Global Stroke in Latin America campaign's launch​

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Spontaneous carotid and vertebral arterial dissection

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The future of endovascular treatment of Basilar occlusion after BASICS and BEST Trial (English)